Optimal Performance Across the Risk Continuum
Proven solutions tailored to ACOs’ key metrics
and risk profiles and seamlessly
with their existing HIT/EMR ecosystems.
Provider Focus
The ACO’s success is predicated on putting in place an integrated care model and then ensuring that each provider is appropriately engaged.
VirtualHealth provides a solution that integrates seamlessly and makes it easy for providers to focus on cost and quality without forcing them to shift from the comfort and convenience of their existing EMRs.
Risk Management
From care coordination to bundled payments to full risk models, VirtualHealth enables ACOs to proactively manage outcomes and control risks.
Care episodes automatically trigger assessments, interventions, care plans, and follow-ups to ensure proper care while automated risk adjustment and analytics identify high-risk cases in real time to ensure resources are optimally allocated.
Operational Intelligence
ACOs can conduct enterprise reporting at the population and provider level, viewing care gaps, scorecards, and key performance indicators.
These metrics, in turn, drive opportunities to fine-tune the care model by adjusting workflow triggers, assessments, care programs, provider communications, and utilization management rules through user-friendly administrative dashboards.
Providing ACOs
with the Platform to Succeed
in a Rapidly Evolving Environment