Team-Based Tools Integrated with a Multi-Channel Patient Ecosystem
Collaboration and engagement are the critical elements
that animate care and case management,
ensuring that best practices are actualized.
Team Collaboration
VirtualHealth’s supports both focused collaboration within the patient’s care team and broad visibility across the overall healthcare management organization.

Team access to inquiries, case notes, assessments, care plans, tasks, alerts, clinical histories, communications, and authorizations empowers continuity of care while role-based access controls ensure HIPAA compliance.
Correspondence Tools
From letters to faxes to emails to text messages VirtualHealth allows organizations to automatically deliver branded content when and where it is needed.

Care, disease, and utilization management activities automatically trigger correspondence and all communications are retained in the platform for easy retrieval to support operational reporting and retrospective audit.
Patient Engagement
Based on years of experience in population health, VirtualHealth understands how different populations best respond to different types of outreach.

In order to optimally support all populations, the platform enables multiple channels, including video conference, secure messaging, patient portal, native applications, interactive video content, educational publications, and call center activities.
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