Integrated Care for Vulnerable Populations
What do the largest Blue Cross Blue Shield plans
and the most innovative Medicaid managed care
organizations have in common?

Value-Based Care
The VirtualHealth SaaS platform represents the only leading population health solution that was purpose-built to support value-based care models.
The platform generates improved outcomes and reduces costs by automating manual tasks and routing evidence-based workflows, enabling care teams to touch more lives at the right time with optimal interventions.
VirtualHealth empowers organizations with significant Medicare Advantage, MAPD, D-SNP, and PACE membership to maximize quality metrics and reduce avoidable admissions.
The platform makes possible multi-disciplinary holistic care models and provides the most advanced functional suite in the market for community health and long-term services and supports management.
VirtualHealth has unmatched expertise with regard to Medicaid expansion programs, including nationally recognized results with the most vulnerable and at-risk populations.
The platform is trusted to support Medicaid population health, case management and care coordination for millions by the country’s largest and most innovative healthcare organizations.
Comprehensive Solutions for Evolving Managed
Care and Regulatory Needs