Command-and-Control for Service Vendor Management
From transportation to health visits
to home modification to social supports,
manage services from the same platform
as the programs that drive them.
Integrated Services
VirtualHealth’s provides a dedicated solution for custom healthcare service management, including order tracking and service reconciliation.

The platform is utilized by a number of organizations to manage transportation, home maintenance and modification, home health, financial assistance, nutrition, and other services from request to order to delivery confirmation.
Vendor Management
Whether it is requesting trip with transportation vendors or reconciling service delivery with EVV vendors, VirtualHealth makes it easy to ensure transparency and accountability.

The platform provides dedicated portals where vendors can access orders, exchange information with the care team, and provide service updates while remaining limited to the least patient information necessary.
Rewards Programs
VirtualHealth enables the creation of reward programs to engage patients and drive optimal healthcare and lifestyle choices.

Rewards can be tied to specific programs, tracked automatically, and redeemed directly from the patient portal via the integrated services solution. By building engaging health programs that drive behavior change, organizations can truly impact costs and outcomes.
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