Improved Outcomes and a Better Consumer Experience
Full visibility into the patient’s journey
between settings of care and cross-continuum support
both inside and beyond the walls.
Growing Population
The rapid increase in the number of seniors and chronically ill coupled with shifting regulations has created new challenges for providers.
VirtualHealth has worked with a number of leading skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies to design tools that blend traditional care models with advanced workflows, analytics, and clinical approaches.
Multiple Settings
Post-acute and long term care providers are increasingly looking for ways to effectively follow patients between settings of care.
VirtualHealth provides an ecosystem that blends a command-and-control platform with easy-to-use applications that provide visibility into the individual’s current setting, complete case background, and collaboration tools and workflows to drive outcomes.
Community Health
By coupling a robust care management and population health front-end with a powerful telehealth back-end, VirtualHealth enables organizations to monitor patients in the community
Capturing vitals in real-time and tying them to workflow triggers and alerts makes it possible to deliver proactive care, significantly reducing avoidable admissions and driving patient engagement between medical visits.
Leveraging Integrated Care and Connected Devices
to Drive Continuous Engagement