Superior Wellness Leads to Exceptional Workforces
Personalized programs for employees
to ensure the best proactive care,
episode support, and chronic condition management.
Employee Engagement
VirtualHealth provides a user-friendly employee portal and custom mobile applications to ensure the experience is seamless and comfortable.
Wellness activities and rewards can be tracked and redeemed, multi-channel communications delivered based on health profiles, and awareness events scheduled alongside live video-based exercise classes and one-on-one coaching sessions.
Risk Management
By leveraging the platform’s advanced analytics, employers can identify clinical trends and risk factors across the workforce, and address these via proactive initiatives.
Importantly, VirtualHealth offers vast experience with best-of-breed value-based care models, enabling self-insured employers to effectively manage risk and improve quality while reducing costs of care across the continuum.
Quality of Life
Better wellness and optimal support for acute episodes and chronic conditions means a better quality of life for many hard-working employees.
In turn, better quality of life means fewer sick days, higher productivity, and greater engagement. A healthier workforce is a win-win for both the employer and the employees, coupling a tangible return on investment with real social impact.
Reap the Dual Benefits of Lower Healthcare Costs
and Better Employee Performance